Health & Safety

Our focus on safety, competence and training is at the forefront of our industry. Training is managed by our Group Health and Safety Manager. We have a range of on-line courses developed in house, as well as ongoing practical training.

Formal training covers all aspects of elementary, intermediate and advanced scaffold tickets. We do additional training for unit standards in height safety, confined spaces, traffic management, heavy vehicle and forklift operation.

We also focus on mental health, leadership training and professional development.

Inspections and Audit

Wellington Scaffolding employs 2 full time scaffold inspectors who continually monitor the safety of our scaffolds. All scaffolds are inspected weekly, or more frequently if required.

Our Directors and Senior Group Managers have an active role in auditing our scaffolds and crews with at least 12 independent audits per quarter. Health and Safety is the first agenda item at our monthly board meetings.

We use external consultants to audit our sytems and overall performance.